Vineyards are unique in that they are often in need of multiple services provided by NXTLVL. Vineyards often have an Agricultural component as well as a hospitality component, as many often have hotels and tasting rooms.  As such, they can utilize most of the services provided by NXTLVL, such as Precision Agriculture data acquisition, NDVI imaging and Resort Marketing materials.  

There are several pivotal times in the year in which vital data can be collected using a variety of precision agriculture techniques.  Whether it be Bud Break, Fruit Set, Flowering or Harvest, NDVI data and imagery can be collected and analyzed to insure the greatest return on assets.  NDVI imagery can be gathered and analyzed to determine the crop health and vitality; identify problem areas and pinpoint locations requiring special attention.  

Precision Agriculture data can be extremely helpful in determining Harvest Planning as well.  While it is ideal to produce uniform vineyard blocks for harvest, the reality is that some blocks may just not be uniform.  With NDVI data and imagery, the winemaker can relate sugar content and other plant-health determining factors to differentiated NDVI color classes to areas of the vineyard that are ready to harvest.

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