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NXTLVL Capabilities

While the majority of the aerial solutions we provide fall into the visual marketing realm, NXTLVL also has the capability to provide a variety of services and products that add tremendous value for our clients in areas that many people are not even aware of.

Below, are a couple examples of these products and services.  One is a 3D interactive map that can be manipulated by the user to see a designated area in a 3D model.  Just click to load the image and then use the mouse to manipulate the model in a virtual 3 Dimensional space and zoom in and out.

Below that is an NDVI image that was rendered using interpolated information in the near-infrared light spectrum that can aid in determining the relative health of vegetation.  In this particular example, the course is in such great shape that it is difficult to demonstrate the capabilities, as the relative health of all parts of the course don't enable us to show where potentially distressed areas are... as there are apparently none at Corral de Tierra Country Club's course.  Kudos to the Greenkeeper!

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index