NXTLVL pilots and their UAV's have the ability to aid police, fire and disaster SAR teams without the need for large expensive helicopters. Our network of pilots stay on call 24/7 to ensure immediate response and speedy results. NXTLVL pilots will work in teams to ensure continuous monitoring of any given situation. With the addition of FLIR infrared cameras, our UAV's can surveil under the cover of darkness while illuminating threats and victims alike. This FLIR camera system also allows NXTLVL to continually and accurately monitor fires and instantaneously feed the real-time information to firefighters on the ground.

This technology saves lives, period.

The new Vue Pro R from FLIR gives NXTLVL the power to gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective. Every still image the Vue Pro R saves contains accurate, calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel, adding more value to our UAV operations and services than ever before.



NXTLVL can monitor any fire from the air with the FLIR camera system and provide critical heat maps and dynamic blaze patterns from the sky above while feeding this data to fire responders on the ground in realtime. This information is imperative to the safety of the firefighters who may need to breach the building. Without NXTLVL these men and women would essentially be entering a extremely dangerous situation blind.

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Our team of pilots can work with police departments to establish a continual aerial view of targeted property or suspects to help ensure the safety of the officers and victims on the ground. With the FLIR camera system NXTLVL can surveil these targets in complete darkness while illuminating possible threats in real-time.

Natural Disasters

It is vital that local authorities be prepared for a quick response to natural disasters and terrorist activity, but they are not as prepared as they could be . In addition to deploying helicopters with SAR capabilities, which can take a long time to launch, UAVs can be on station nearly immediately to quickly asses the damage and search for survivors over what could be a huge area. Our UAV's, outfitted with FLIR infrared technology, can perform SAR and damage assessment missions around the clock.