The Members are the most valuable asset to any country club.  Whether you are trying to acquire new members or reinforce the existing members' decision to join, there is no better way to do that than by painstakingly maintaining a beautiful club and course.  And then, there is simply no better way to get a feel for the entire club and course than from an aerial vantage point.

Obviously, the best way to experience a golf course is by playing a round of golf on there, but there is no better way to get someone interested in playing than by having them view a well-produced visual experience that will quite literally immerse them in the experience, with a bird's-eye-view of the course.  This gives the course context; it gives the viewers a sense of being there; most importantly, it gives them a desire to play the course.

Having a virtual hole-to-hole tour of the course available online or even on display in the clubhouse will take your members' (both current and potential) and their guests' experience on your course to the Next Level.

With the rapid development of UAV and camera stabilization technology, the cost of generating cinema-quality marketing material is now within reach of myriad industries to utilize.  Quality that was once only available at prohibitive expense is now within reach of discerning clubs and courses around the world.  Take your club to the Next Level by capitalizing on this rapidly expanding industry of UAVs.



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*Not available for mobile viewing